Wired Magazine  :  Eric was recently commissioned to illustrate a typographic interpretation of the volume and issue numbers for this magazine that covers technology, culture, business and politics. It is published in the February 2015 issue.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts  :  VMFA is Richmond’s premier fine arts museum. For its exclusive U.S. showing of over 100 artifacts from Beijing, China’s Forbidden City, we wanted to highlight the forbidden nature of the exhibit objects by showing glimpses of them through the letterforms. In addition, a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese dragon weaving through the letterforms speaks to the exclusivity of the ancient city’s walls. The comprehensive marketing campaign included print, outdoor, TV, museum shop merchandise and a special-edition beer brewed by local Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.  :  This project was completed in collaboration with Spike Communications and Jamie Mahoney.

Vintage meets Modern on the grill

ZZQ Texas Craft Barbecue Identity  :  ZZQ is a Richmond, VA-based barbeque catering service with it’s roots in Central Texas slow-smoked meats. The logo takes inspiration from vintage cattle brands and the clients’ own Modernist architectural influences. For the applications, we use various textures such as letterpress, inked stamps, kraft papers and metal as accents to create an authentic and budget-friendly system.

Attracting high end donors with personality

Please Touch Museum Membership Identity and Collateral Materials  :  The Please Touch Museum, one of the nation’s premier play-based children’s museum, is housed in a stunning Beaux Arts building in Philadelphia, PA. For their Centennial Guild high end membership program, we created a logo that juxtaposes the museum’s formal exterior with it’s more playful, bright and child-friendly interior—the rounded, tubular C encapsulated by the more ornate G. That idea of playful inside and formal outside was then extended to the membership package as well.  :  This project was completed in collaboration with FourFront.

A Luxury Brand that Remembers its roots

Villa Thalia Identity and Website  :  Villa Thalia is a luxury rental property that sits high above the Mediterranean ocean among acres of olive groves on the Grecian island of Crete. The UK-based client wanted a logo that is instantly recognizable as Grecian, yet contemporary to reflect the modern architecture of the home. The logo works triple duty—it’s a T for Thalia, an olive tree and references the classic Meander motifs found in Minoan art and architecture.

Letting the work shine

Arthur Ross Gallery Exhibit Promotional Materials  :  The purpose of this exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Ross Gallery was to bring Rodin’s typically outdoor sculptures indoors. This out/in idea became the basis for creating the subtle interweaving of the sculpture with the title typography. Posters, rack cards, invitations and banners used red and silver inks to add drama to the work.  :  This project was completed in collaboration with FourFront.


Americans United for Government Reform Logo and Website  :  For this bi-partisan non-profit, we played on the star field of the American flag to create the U in United—the key word in their name and philosophy. The main feature of the website is a timeline that can be dynamically sorted by the user based on date or topic.


Pact5 Logo  :  This collaboration of college students and faculty across five American universities seeks to prevent sexual assault and rape through student-produced documentaries. The emphasis on ACT (also a common term used in film) draws out the organization's main goal of encouraging students to be more involved in campus prevention.  :  This project was completed in collaboration with FourFront.


Deco Ristorante Logo  :  This restaurant was built in the space of a renovated art-deco gas station. The type-treatment was custom drawn to reference the building's architecture while maintaining a more modern look and feel.


Synago Logo  :  Visual diversity was key in creating this church’s logo. A mixture of line lengths, widths and colors dynamically represent its community’s mixed culture and multi-faith congregation.

Representing two very different personalities

Karnes Coffey Identity  :  For our own materials, we wanted a logo that wasn’t rigid and could be flexible based on any given situation. The contrast of all black ink and brightly colored papers is a subtle nod to Eric and Christine’s respective favorite color palettes.