rebranding richmond ballet

Richmond Ballet has gained prominence as one of the finest arts and educational institutions in the US, and national recognition as one of the country’s premiere touring dance organizations. The organization has grown in the last decade to include more contemporary performances, new works and international showcases to it's already established repertoire of classical theatre ballets.

The challenge was to develop a visual voice that: 1) reflects the diversity of their programs and performances, 2) appeals to both existing Ballet patrons as well as newer, younger audiences and 3) can functionally coordinate with an evolving season look. 

The solution was to create a collection of parts (photography, pattern, color and typography) utilizing two of the simplest elements intrinsic to ballet—point(e) and line(s)

The mark needed to exist in a variety of platforms—from the smallest digital to the largest building banners and everything in between. Formally, it combines the letters R and B using point and line and sets up the first critical building block of the visual brand. The circle is a nod to Ballet founder Stoner Winslett's circle model, on which many of the organizations philosophies are based.


1. A UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE : The silhouette style showcases the body, not the face. Richmond Ballet does not subscribe to the star model for it's dancers. The photography allows us to focus on the movement, the muscles and the lines of the dancer.


2. A PALETTE OF PATTERNS : Using POINT and LINE as inspiration, we developed a spectrum of patterns that can be used across a variety of audiences and uses. 


3. TYPOGRAPHY : In addition to advertising it's six annual theatre performances, Richmond Ballet has many fundraising, sponsorship, school, and outreach programs. We developed a typographic system that brought consistency and clarity to al their endeavors.

The combination of the three elements (photography, pattern and typography) provide a spectrum of voices for any of the ballet's needs and introduces movement and energy into the visual voice of Richmond Ballet.